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Cheat Ninja Saga Exp

Facebook Ninja Saga Exp Cheat (fixed)Sori


* ce 5.5
* browser (firefox/flock)


1. Go into Ninja Saga.
2. Select browser as process in ce5.5 (hex, 8bytes, asrom)
3. At the "Select Character" screen, scan "3B0008C25B5E0689"
4. 2 addresses found. Right click the BOTTOM address, Disassemble this memory region and "Toggle breakpoint"
5. Now in Ninja Saga, select your character and click "Play"
6. It will freeze due to the breakpoint you've set.
7. Click "Debug > Run (shortcut: f9)
8. Click "Debug > Run again.
9. At the Registries panel, you will see a red line "EAX xxxxxx"
10. Left click on it and it will ask you to insert the new address, so you paste "11A6C" into it
11. Now right click the address and click "Toggle breakpoint" again to remove the breakpoint.
12. Click "Debug > Run
13. Now go back to your Ninja Saga. It will reload and you will be level 19

19 is the max level o the cheat but i don't know if there are more working if its lvl 20 and more ur char gets deleted

Now With Money cheat (FIXED)

You'll need:

* any browser
* ce 5.5


1. Go into Ninja Saga. (link above)
2. Go to Shop.
3. Select the item to sell. (do NOT sell it yet)
4. Select browser as ce5.5 process and enable speedhack.
5. Select '0' as speedhack value.
6. Now in Ninja Saga, spam clicks on "Sell" as many times as you want.
7. Change the value in ce5.5 back to '1'
8. Now watch as you gain all the coins. This CAN BE SAVED! Just make sure to purchase some items to auto save the game.

Download Ce ( Cheat Engine ) di google

HP : 088218207171

Terjemahin di google yg gak bisa bahasa Inggris

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